About Us

Capro CI Agro Industries Sa is an Ivorian based cashew processing plant, with supported full eco system which promote the company activities from the plantations to the sale of the finished goods, out of the RCN processed practices.
We combining advanced agro activity, processing capabilities, procurement of raw materials and trading activities of RCN, Kernels, CNSL and more.


The Company, which is well established, procures substantial quantities via its broad agent portfolio.

Having vast experience with agricultural commodities, Capro CI Agro Industries Sa started its activity in Abidjan – Ivory Coast in 2015, by acquiring the local management and employee team of former “Cash Pro S.A.”, a subsidiary of “Akuafo Adamfo Marketing company LTD Ghana”, which for many years has been dealing with commodities in general and with RCN in particular, in Ghana and IC.

Last year, the company purchased and sold internationally,over 13,000 Metric Tons of raw cashew nuts.

Cash Pro which achieved its reputation due to its uncompromising policy on quality, keeping timetables and adherence to agreements, is very well known, especially in the Indian & Vietnamese markets.

Under the new structure Capro CI Agro Industries Sa is fully equipped, running a viable office in Deux Plateaux, and a warehouse in Yopougon, both in the city of Abidjan, using high level of working procedures including computerized designated trading/operational software to support the work.


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