Cashew & Cocoa Agro Trading Project in IC


Area: 322'465 sq km

Climate: tropical with 3 seasons W&H, D&H, D&C (24 degrees)

Population: 22,317,068

Urban population: 49% of total population

Languages: French (official)

Chief Of State: President Alasan Watara

(since dec 4th 2010)

Head Of Government: Prime Minister Daniel Kablan DUNCAN

(since 21 Nov 2012)



Our cashew nut processing plant initiative is being constructed in the city of bonduku,

Ivory Coast

C.C.C.I. with its local partners in the territory of Cote d'lvoire, is establishing a cashew processing plant with an annual capability of 30,000 tons raw cashew.


Processing plant methodology chart



Cashew Processing




once the raw nuts arrive from

the farmers to the factory they

are laid down for drying on a

flat surface next to the

processing area.




After drying the raw nuts are packed in jute bags and are stored in a cool and well ventilated storage hanger




In order to ease the cracking phase the nuts are inserted into a vaporizing stove that softens the hard outer shell.





At this stage the raw nuts are inserted into a calibrator that sorts the nuts by the outer shell size

Image9 Image7



The cracking takes place on a two sided custom table. The nuts are cracked on one side of the table and then are moved to the other side of the table where the nut is removed from the shell




Quality Testing and Scaling

After the nuts are cracked quality testing and scaling takes place. On top of their daily salary the employees are paid according to their individual output





In order to ease the peeling phase the nuts are roasted briefly in a custom oven. After this stage the nut's skin (testa) is easily removed.




Peeling (manual 10% broken)

After roasting the nuts the testa skin is removed from the nut gently with a knife. At the end of this phase another quality test takes place to insure the nuts are clean and whole.




Since the manual peeling is the slowest part of the process, an automatic peeling machine is usually used simultaneously



The automatic peeler uses a large rotating drum that removes the skin from the kernels





Sorting and packing

After peeling the kernels are sorted for packing by size, color and quality

A lost quality check takes place before the kernels are packed in 50 lbs vacuum bags.