Stages of Production

Raw Cashew Nuts Arrive at CAPRO
In late February, during the raw Cashew nut harvesting season, CAPRO receives approximately 15,000 tonnes of raw Cashew nuts, delivered mainly from co-operatives where we have signed long term supply programmes. Once the Bulk Raw Cashew nuts (RCN’s) arrive at our plant, they enter our fully automated operation.

RCN Cleaning & Calibration
The RCN's pass through a cleaning process to remove foreign matter and dirt.They then go through a conditioning process in order to prepare them for roasting. The conditioning process allows for the removal of Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL) and prevents scorching.

The RCN's then enter the roaster. Roasting is where the application of heat releases the CNSL and makes the shell brittle, this facilitates the extraction of the kernel when the shell is broke open.

The shelling, process then begins and ensures that a clean, whole kernel is liberated from the shell, and is free of cracks.

First Stage Grading
Shell pieces and Kernels are then separated. The process then involves the grading of the Kernels into different sizes and separating out any broken Kernels.

The Kernels then enter the drying stage, this allows the testa to be easily removed. The Cashew testa (cashew husk, ashew nut husk, cashew skin, cashew husk skin) is a residue of Cashew nut processing. It contains high fat and protein and is suitable for animal feed and tanning.The drying process helps protect the Kernel from pest and fungal infection.

The Kernels then enter the peeling process,which involves the removal of the testa.

Second Stage Grading
The Kernels are then graded in order to sort and separate the best whole Cashew Kernels, Cashew Chips and also hand picked Cashews that are best suited for the adding of chocolate and use in confectionary.

Cashews then enter a vertical vacuum packing machine for bulk bagging from 10 to 35 kg based on the product bulk density.By using vacuum packing we conserve the freshness of the Cashew, product quality, color, taste and humidity, while at the same time reducing oxygen quantity, which helps keep the Cashews free of insects.
The packaging process also supports our high quality logistics operation ensuring our final Cashew products reach our customers in a high quality way and our as fresh as possible.

Capro and our logistics team then work with our clients and buyers to ensure swift delivery from our factory to our customers.