About Us

CAPRO has developed and commissioned the world’s most advanced Cashew nut processing plant, capable of producing 3.5 million kilograms of Cashew Kernel products each year. We are a fully licensed Cashew nut operator, producer and exporter. In August 2023 we passed the BRC Global Food standard assessment with a grade A, the highest possible grade accreditation.

Located in the town of Tiebissou, some 3.5 hours north of Abidjan, the capital of Côte d'Ivoire and main export seaport, CAPRO is a fully integrated Cashew nut processing operation that works with local community plantation owners and co-operatives for the harvesting and processing of some of the finest Cashew nut products in the world.

Following years of advanced technical work, design specifications and working in close partnership with Italian engineers Oltremare, our plant is a state of the art operation that embraces the latest and most advanced technology, moisture control and automation to produce three types of product;

Whole Cashew Nuts
We produce Cashew nuts to your specification of colour, moisture, texture and sizing.  We typically bag in 22 kilogram sacks. 
The sizes are 180 size (180 cashews in 1 pound) to Small, 450 size (450 cashews in 1 pound)

Cashew Chips
We provide 18 micron or small flat Cashew nut chips which we bag into one tonne sacks. These are perfect for the health and nutrition bar market, cereals, ice cream and other nutritional snacks and foods.

Hand Picked Cashews (Ideal for Coating)
We produce a unique Cashew nut product that is ideal for the coatings market, whether it be chocolate coating or luxury delicacies.