Buy Capro Cashews

Here at CAPRO, we produce quality Cashew nut products from the world’s most advanced Cashew nut processing plant.

Whole Cashew Nuts
We produce Cashew nuts to your specification of colour, moisture, texture and sizing. We typically bag in 22,68 Kg or 50 LB sacks. These can be large, 180 size (180 cashews in 1 pound) to Small, 450 size (450 cashews in 1 pound). Our whole Cashew nuts are purchased by a range of clients including those that want to roast and create their own branded product, these include major supermarket groups and major nut brands.

Perfect for Chocolate Coating
Our Cashew nuts are perfect for coating with chocolate which make for a luxury chocolate product.

Cashew Pieces-Splits
We can provide up to 18 typology/sizes/dimensions of diced chips which we can pack in either 1 ton big bag or in 50 LB (22,68 Kg) cartons. Cashew pieces are perfect for the health and nutrition bar market, cereals, ice cream and other nutritional snacks and foods. We supply Cashew nut pieces to companies that specialise in the supply of ingredient products to major cereal companies, snack bar companies and other food and additive companies that use Cashew pieces as ingredients.

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